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About Interfashion

Welcome to Interfashion, where style meets innovation in every thread. We pride ourselves on timely shipment support, ensuring your fashion aspirations reach you precisely when you need them. Our commitment to esteemed quality control guarantees that each garment meets the highest standards of quality, reflecting our dedication to your satisfaction. Partnering with a range of factories renowned for their compliance and expertise in workmanship, we uphold the reliability of sustainable business. At Interfashion, we weave together a tapestry of professionalism and responsibility, empowering you to express your unique brand identity with diversity.

Our Expertise

We are teamed with highly experienced Merchandisers & QC Experts proficient in managing product categories such as Woven, Knit, Denim, Sweaters, and Sportswear. We maintain a sustainable business collaboration with our Clients by ensuring on-time shipment with the best quality product. Interfashion functions from yarn purchase to final inspection before shipment.

Our Strength

Interfashion holds a network of factories that ensures quality production, with continuous oversight from start to finish. Our partner factories specialize in both Formal and Casual Woven Shirts & Bottoms. Additionally, we produce our fabric to maintain top quality in Knit garments such as Polo, T-shirts, Hoodies, and Joggers. We have a large capacity in both Sweater & Denim Pants.

Our Supports

Interfashion strictly follows compliance rules in selecting factories. We work with Local fabric for knit units & Foreign fabrics for woven units. We provide the best price to meet our client's requirements. We ensure faster sample support & day-to-day production follow-up to our clients for transparency of a particular order. We accept both L/C & TT as payment methods.

Business Performance Summary

Interfashion has been operating since 2018. Our initial focus was to produce Woven Formal & Casual shirts for multiple Brands. By 2020 we accomplished multiple shipments for 12 fashion brands across the globe. Our Knit, Sweater & Denim products also reach multiple continents. 

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